A powerful kind of day

Yesterday was such a beautifully powerful day.

I LOVED the relief that followed my adrenaline-fueled expression of anger so intense that, apparently, there were still ‘laser beams coming out of my eyes’ hours afterwards. It felt so good to suspend my own judgment of anger as being something ‘bad’ for a moment and feel this power pulsing through my veins. Breathe with it, let it wake up and excite all the cells of my body. And then gently release it into the ground, shake it off, sensing the joy of being alive.

I LOVED seeing a perfect example of someone not taking my anger personally, and quickly returning to their centre and resistance-free alignment. How incredible it is to see others taking full responsibility for how they feel, and me not having to apologise for my feelings – instead be able to express deep gratitude for the space to experience them fully.

I LOVED watching a friend of mine on a theatre stage, stepping into her artistic powers as a sexually-charged vampiress. She expressed so many aspects of femininity, motherhood and sexuality that lurk hidden in the crevices of our minds. We – the audience – squirmed in our seats and giggled like teenagers as we relaxed into these topics.

I LOVED the Conversations of the Womb that followed the play, and witnessing men talk – oh so gloriously! – about wombs. About how they felt moved by their own connection to the wombs in their lives – wombs of their mothers that nurtured them, wombs of their wives that left them in awe of womens’ power, and wombs of their daughters that delighted them with the prospect of grandchildren. It was extraordinary to see men so empowered by embracing sacred femininity, so curious and open.

I LOVED talking about what my own connection to my womb is all about – it’s about feeling safe to feel powerful. Isn’t that what wombs are – embodiments of safe haven and immense strength? Wombs during birth are full of delicious bonding hormones until the final stage when the fuel of adrenaline kicks in. You see, that’s what gives women the power to jump back up on their feet and roar the new life out. That is what connecting to the womb space is all about – to access this magical cauldron of creation, of nurture, of power to manifest new worlds.

Yesterday was such a beautifully powerful day.


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