A tiny gap

There is this tiny gap. A few seconds of complete stillness, of silence, of perfect non-resistance. That moment when the pause button hasn’t been released, and the familiar groove of the same melody hasn’t yet started. It’s just right there in the morning between slipping back out of the dream state into awareness and that point when the thoughts begin to stream in. And then it all sort of gushes in. The anchoring of the memories of who we were yesterday, the morning routine, the slightly critical look at ourselves in the mirror, the adjustment of the muscles to fit into the same posture, the same cloak of “problems”, the same conversations about mostly the same topics. The same autopilot humming with thoughts and buzzing with emotions for the rest of the day until we put it on hold again.

But this tiny gap, this pause – if we allow ourselves to bask in it – offers the possibility of the most masterful fine-tuning, of aligning ourselves back into the harmony of our core, of choosing on what note or vibration we begin our day. Feel them, these seconds, and fill them. With a sleepy smile or a lazy sigh of gratitude. And then watch what starts to unfold.

See the trickle begin. The deliberate anchoring of who you are today, a small compliment or a wink at the face in the mirror, the adjustment of the muscles to stand a little straighter, the new air of exciting possibilities, a different uplifted tune in your conversations and fresh ideas from synchronistic encounters.

There is this tiny gap of just a few seconds. It’s our big daily chance to tune in and choose a new harmony.


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