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AboutMeMy name is Asta and I am a wildish mom of a little girl named Leila. The seeds for this blog were sown a few years ago during a long trip across Patagonia, Argentina. I realised that I wanted to live my life more fully and to be more present with all my experiences – the wild and wonderful, but also with those that I saw as unwanted. This turned into a series of reflections during my pregnancy and became an important ritual of the preparation for the home birth of our daughter.

Every day Leila wakes up so full of energy and enthusiasm to play, curiosity to explore and discover. And thus she spends the entire day until the last moment when she falls asleep full of wonder and ready to start it all over again the next morning.

While watching her, it occurred to me that it is so strange that we completely lose touch with this state of wildish wonder when we enter the world of the adulthood. Our lives get filled with rules and responsibilities, expectations and limitations. Many of us forget our true passions and stop following our joy (because ‘what kind of world would it be everyone did that?’*). So with Leila as my little guru and example, I want to get back to living my life even more fully, to learn and – maybe more importantly – unlearn. I want to capture everything that is different, unexpected and perhaps even challenges the commonly accepted rules of life and parenting. This page is about those things, books, places, recipes, ideas, stories and people that are so wonderful they make me want to jump on the bed from excitement!

Do you have any such ideas? Or perhaps a wonderful story that you want to share? If so, get in touch and let’s meet on the wildish side!


* The answer is – happy!

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