Always here

I first had this realisation years ago while walking along a busy street in London – I remember briefly closing my eyes and with a startling surprise sensing that, despite my legs moving my body forward, I – whatever that was – wasn’t moving. That regardless of the physical destination of my body, there was this part – or entirety? – of me that is always solidly “here”. That there is, in fact, nowhere I can go to which wouldn’t be “here”.

What a beautiful thought to play with! Most of us are covered in multiple layers of beliefs about life being a difficult journey full of tests and challenges to overcome, achievements and milestones to reach, years and awards to collect, wounds to heal, processes of improvement to work through, habits to conquer or gain. And maybe it starts from the very beginning. When we as kids learn to question the value of being in the moment just as we are, and internalise the false idea that the restrictions and limitations imposed on us by adults will be magically lifted up when we grow up. Little do we know, that we never quite get there, and instead just get so stuck on this idea of “one day” finally being able to do, experience, or feel something.

But then once in a while it revisits – this thought that startles me with surprise each time – what if… there is no destination to get to? What if nothing needs to improve, heal, change, be arrived at, be achieved? What if there is no such thing as mistakes and there is no journey because you never actually arrive anywhere? What if right in this exact spot – no matter where your legs or your mind are taking you – everything is just precisely as it needs to be and is a perfect culmination of the cutting edge perspective that is you? What if it’s not about the destination and not even about the journey, but simply about connecting now (and now and now…) with That within us which is always “here”?


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