Apple or banana?..

You see – I believe (profoundly) that every single split second is like a portal to another reality. Like, literally, whether you make a choice to eat an apple or a banana – every tiniest detail – ripples like a massive wave throughout the rest of your entire life and you instantly switch into another reality. Everything is completely different in the “eat the apple” reality compared with “eat the banana” world because maybe you end up slipping on the banana peel afterwards, or perhaps you threw the remaining half of the apple into a ditch where it grew into a tree that your grandchild will climb into.

Everything shifts completely in every nanosecond. And no parallel world is better or worse – it is simply just that – parallel. And yet when we decide to navigate through these worlds with a simple decision-making criteria of choosing what feels like more ease, more peace, more joy, it all begins to gain momentum in that direction. Therefore, more circumstances begin to appear in our experience that match those feelings of ease, of peace and of joy, and every split second is like a portal to access it all.

So then… what is it going to be – apple or banana?


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