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This week we are on holidays (although I am still trying to understand how is it exactly that moms spend their time when they are on holidays)! Together with me on the beach is one of my greatest pleasures – a quarterly magazine called Flow (www.flowmagazine.com). An idea for it came to two dutch ladies in one of the attics in Amsterdam, and now it is being published in multiple languages, including English.

I found this magazine at the Amsterdam airport while stuck for six hours waiting for my next flight. I had already made a few rounds and discovered the airport’s library, museum, meditation room and maybe four bookshops. When I saw it on the shelf, it was love at first sight – a magazine for paper lovers that takes its time and celebrates creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures. Those remaining six hours in my memory remain as some of the most pleasant, spent in complete flow, slowly flipping through pages smelling of new paper, spacing out while looking at illustrations, and rewriting favourite quotes from some of the articles.

From then on, an annual subscription has become my Christmas gift ritual, and every three months I skip back from our postbox content and ready to spend at least two weeks immersed in a joyous creative inspiration, exploration, positive articles about mindfulness, and this amazing slowing down which is often stolen away from us by technology. By the way, each issue has a paper gift – postcards, stickers, envelopes, notebooks, and other lovely things.

Are there any other similar magazines that you would recommend?


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