Give ’em a rest

When I was a kid, there was this unwritten rule in our home about sleep. And it was that every time one of us went off into the dream state, the rest would tip-toe out of the room, close the door and stay somewhere else as quietly as possible to give the slumberer the space and time they needed. We all felt that whatever magic or astral journeying was taking place while someone was asleep, it required deep respect and non-interferance. Something of utmost importance was taking place and the soul needed to do what it needed to do. Later on in life, I discovered with a huge surprise that in some households this rule did not exist, and people would speak out loud, slam doors while someone was asleep or even woke them up.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if this deep deep respect for another soul’s journey were to be shared by all of us and not only in relation to someone’s resting state, but – really – in all the spheres of the lives of others? In how they choose to give birth or raise their children. In what they choose to do or not to do with their bodies – even if to someone else that might appear “inappropriate”, unhealthy or downright dangerous. In how they dress – how much they cover up or what they choose to reveal. In what they choose to eat or not to eat. In what they do for living or whether they live without seemingly doing very much. In their political views or decision to be apolitical. In how they do or do not practise their spirituality. In who and whether they choose to marry or partner up with. In how they express their sexuality or choose to identify within the gender spectrum. In what they choose as their personal beliefs and who they trust to guide and inspire them. In what they decide to share or keep as a secret. And even in how and when they choose to complete their journey on this planet.

Why can’t all of this be seen as something worth of deep deep respect (even if we might disagree with some of it)? After all, we really really don’t know what the others are here for in the grand scheme of things. No more than we know what their dream reality is like when they are asleep.

Why do we always feel so invested in other people’s lives and are constantly on a major mission to “save” or “awaken” them? What if this world and others don’t need any saving or awakening – especially, if they’ve never asked for it? What if it is never ever our job to figure it out for others, but instead to focus on waking up from our own illusions and limitations into the truth of who we really are?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all feel this deep respect for the other souls’ journeys and trusted that they need to do what they need to do? We could then perceive it as being of utmost importance to not interfere but simply give everyone the space and time that they need. Give them all a rest, really.

  1. Dalius 6 years ago

    I think it is long way to go until humanity evolves and will be able to get to that kind of respect to each other. But I might be wrong, perhaps, such relationships exist, somewhere in certain communities, but I was not lucky enough to experience it.

  2. Evelina 6 years ago

    Such a beautiful text my dear. Amazing thoughts and words.
    Love ya 😉

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