Giving up or letting go?

For ages now – it feels like it – I’ve been trying to figure out the difference between giving up and letting go. Giving up seems to be a declaration of sorts that a desire is no longer worth pursuing because it’s “impossible”, because we’ve “failed” in some way. And letting go appears to be a decision to play with the idea that when we resist the unwanted, it continues, persists; therefore, letting go of the resistance is the straightest path to the completion of a desire. What is that difference between dropping it and letting it float away? And how can we make the switch between the two?

But then the other day it came to me – a question, a challenge to myself of sorts. You know that manifestation that I want SOOO badly which would OBVIOUSLY lead to XYZ amazing outcomes and experiences?.. What if… what if it never comes true in the way that I imagine I would like it to?.. Then what?.. Was I OK to continue with my life (maybe to the very end of it) and keep using that as a reason, as an excuse for all those things that supposedly it is stopping me from achieving? And if I don’t want to see that as an excuse, how can I move into the direction of XYZ regardless of this present circumstance that I perceive as lack? What if… my currently “unfulfilled” desire has NOTHING to do with me arriving at XYZ? What if… it does not get in the way at all, or even perhaps IS the fastest route of getting there?

And it seems that the difference is so subtle but so magnificent at the same time. Giving up is a rejection of the possibility that more expansion can follow in that particular direction, a way of placing a limit for ourselves. And letting go is all about the deliberate change in focus, a choice to honour the ISness of the present moment and moving into the direction of greater joy, regardless of the outcome. Letting go means releasing expectations and attachment but without negation of the desire itself. It is about moving the attention from the apparent lack of what we want to the abundance of possibilities exactly where we stand. It’s so subtle – but just try it. Next time you think to yourself “that’s it” see if it can be replaced with “what if?..”, and it could very well mean the shift from a dead end to endless possibilities.


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