How to change the world – conversation with Dave the Wave

Dave the Wave – photo by Nicky Newman (Instagram @nicky.newman)

Earlier this year, I shared a post entitled The image that left a wake in my world about a photo that had impacted me immensely. In the post I interviewed Dave the Wave who was pictured as well as the talented photographer Nicky Newman who took the photo. As the photo had gone viral, my post was widely shared across the social media and became the most read story of my blog. If you still have not had a chance to read it or see the photo, I invite you to have a look – as I am sure it will move you as well.

Dave the Wave – photo by Nicky Newman (Instagram @nicky.newman)

Ever since that conversation, Dave and I have stayed in touch and continued our exchange of ideas and insights. Last weekend we finally sat down to have a live chat, cameras on and all! It was the first time I did not feel like “interviewing”, I simply wanted to share and hear from Dave. We explored topics like re-wilding ourselves and deepening our connection with nature, self-love, the future visions we hold for humanity, and how to change the world (spoiler alert: it’s an inside job). If you enjoy diving deep into long mindful explorations, this video might be just the one for you!

My infinite gratitude to Dave and to everyone who reads, listens and continues to change the world from within.



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