Lesson from the snails

I have this whole theory of how the Universe might be a massive ever expanding snail seeing itself for the first time with its multitude of tentacles, each one of them representing a point of consciousness – including us. But that’s for another time. Speaking of snails though, I recently heard in an interview with Bruce Lipton that, apparently, any mediocre, average snail for the last gazillion and a half years has known something that I’m only slowly discovering now. It is so basic and simple, and yet it has been the very reason why entire lineage of snails has survived to tell us the story. Ready? Anything that feels good, that is pleasing and peaceful, that calls and excites positively is what the snails will move towards. And the opposite – all that feels unpleasant, toxic, disturbing they’ll move away from as fast as they can. And the reason is simple – the first experience enhances their life energy, the latter saps it away. So their entire evolution and survival have been ensured by this principle – moving towards that which nourishes, nurtures and gives life. And avoiding all that drains and weakens their energy.

Even our toddler has a similar process for making decisions. For anything that she chooses, be it shoes that she’ll wear, food she’ll eat, which toy she’ll sleep with – recently, she’s been using only one criterion “it’s more beautiful like this”. So simple and so clear. And here I am somewhere down the path of adulthood where decisions seem to be – for whatever reason – a gazillion and half times more complicated than that.

Places, people, foods, things are constantly emitting vibes, and we feel on some deep instinctual level whether they will be life-enhancing or life-sapping. Yet we persistently drown it out in some form of “yes, but…”

So maybe there is a lesson here for us passed on by the generations of snails, and it is that we need to use and trust our feelers more. If something calls and feels nice – march on towards it. But if a place, person, thing – a thought even – feels unpleasant, back off and move into the direction that feels like a relief. And if you ever need an excuse to anyone questioning your choices, try a simple “it’s more beautiful like this”.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – W. C. Yeats

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  1. Dalius Petrauskas 7 years ago

    Very interesting and beutifully said… Just wondering why I often am finding difficult to choose what it nicer, pleasurable or beutifull.

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