A letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Me,

It’s me – you from the past. So you know how usually people write letters to their younger selves with all sorts of wisdom nuggets, supposedly because their earlier versions were not as clever or experienced? Well, this is a little different. Given the possibility that time is not linear and, therefore, past and future exist simultaneously, and that there might be multiple constantly changing past and future versions, it becomes a little complicated to actually keep track of who is wiser at which point. In any case, by the time you read this, you might be nearly twice older than I am now, but I think I’ve got something to tell you. So listen carefully and learn.

You know how we always talk about respecting the elders? Yeah? Well, I am here to tell you that you need to be respectful to young people. Even if you feel like everything was better “back in your day” and the youth were more respectful to their elders, just simply do as you wish it to be done upon you.

Don’t interrupt younger people with your stories – just because you have lived longer, it doesn’t mean that your stories are more important than theirs. Listen and ask questions – it’s a way to stay curious, flexible and in continuous expansion of mind and awareness. Be amazed at new stories from new places and old places you’ve been to. Places change too, you know, and your story of how you went to Zimbabwe in 2013 might not be so relevant to how it will be in 2050. Realize that there is an infinite amount of topics that your kids are much more knowledgeable about than you are. They get to learn and travel differently, they might speak languages you don’t know and might have an expanded vision of things you haven’t even heard of.

Be really really open to the new generation – take time to learn new technologies, dance to their music, ask them about everything that is new and trendy. You might feel like you’ve seen it all but you haven’t. There are incredibly important and amazing things starting up in this precise moment that will bear incredible fruit in 2-3 generations from now. But you might miss getting a glimpse of them, if you think that things were better back in your day.

The younger generation might lack your experience but they hold the future. You have so much to learn from them! Be respectful of their guesses and questioning of the reality as it is. Just because they don’t have an immediate answer to what might seem to you like an eternal problem that your generation hasn’t solved, it doesn’t mean the solution doesn’t exist. That is how some of the greatest break-throughs were found to most issues of the past – as Steve Jobs (remember that guy?) put it –

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Be respectful to the new generation’s parenting ways even if you think you did it a trillion times better. You had the capacities and information needed to raise your kids. But you might not have the requirements and the vision needed to raise the generation of your grandchildren. We are evolving as species – even if it might seem doubtful at times. Be curious and get to know the partners of your children but restrain yourself from relationship advice to their marriages or partnerships, unless you’ve been specificially asked – and even then, realize that your advice might be outdated.

Be open to the possibility that this Universe is moving towards oneness and equality – gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, race, age – with any luck, all of these “-isms” will soon be a thing of the past. And by being even a slight “-ist” you are most likely offending your children because, for all you know, their best friend or a co-worker is someone from “the other side”.

Be at peace that the new generation know what they are doing and that the right resources and insights will be made available to them when needed. And that they might make mistakes, just like your generation did. Each generation is on a different mission and you don’t need to convince them to continue yours or to fight your unfinished battles.

If by now you have not mastered some sort of breatharian art of sustenance, eat mindfully – clean, healthy, simple food. Take breaks from it to keep your body healthy. We all get older, but getting unwell as you age is optional. Move lots and with joy. Dance. Be grateful for the miracle of the soul container that is your body. Stick to surrounding yourself only with things that bring you joy, but graciously let go of any excess, so as to not hoard or weigh yourself down with unnecessary clutter. Continuously immerse yourself in activities that bring you immense pleasure. It will make you happy and draw people, resources, and more pleasure into your life. Find moments of peace, silence and mindfulness in every day for this is the best way to nurture the relationship with your Self – in all its versions throughout all of times. Follow joy and ease, always – they are the best compass to alignment you’ll ever have.

That’s that for now. And of course if you have anything to share, feel free to write back!



P.S. Oh, yeah. Just one more thing! And don’t be a “planetist” either. If your daughter ever comes home with her partner who is a being from another planet or dimension – by god! – just politely shake whatever gets extended towards you in greeting, welcome her/him/? in and ask, ask, ask questions. There are definitely some nuggets of wisdom there for you.

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  1. Egle 7 years ago

    Totally love it, Asta! Thank you for sharing.

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