Magic observed

Isn’t it so strange how where one will hear two dusty worthless pieces of wood being banged together, another will sense that thumping sound come alive as a sacred rhythm in their bones, as the song of the ancestors’ spirits? What is so difficult about believing in magic anyway? Why is it so tricky to grasp that all possible worlds – the mundane and the magic-filled – can, and in fact do, coexist, all simultaneously valid? And that what brings them into existence is simply the way in which the observer chooses to see them.

In modern quantum physics, there is this experiment called double-slit experiment which illustrates that light can behave simultaneously as a particle or as a wave. Likewise, the same behaviour extends to electrons and atoms and molecules, and it is the mere act of observation that affects this behaviour. In other words, light and particles behave differently based on whether they are being observed!

And since all matter is made up of these particles, could it be that the way we look at something – anything – is the fundamental reason why it is or isn’t a certain way? So if you choose to observe those wooden sticks (or your body, or a relationship, etc.) as dull and unimpressive then all those particles align to reflect that. But likewise, another observer through mere belief and expectation of wonder and amazement can give permission them all to come alive in most magical of ways.

Go on. Try it. Allow that most mundane, most quotidian slice of your life to light up differently today, even if for a split second. Your body, that relationship, those dusty wooden sticks – permit the possibility that there could be something sacred locked inside, and that it only takes a keen observer who believes in magic to access it. You’ve seen it in all other ways, what have you got to lose?


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