Most precious gift

During this merry season of giving and receiving, remember that the greatest gifts sometimes come in the most unassuming or even unappealing wrapping. As you find yourself surrounded by friends and family, there may be some who will offer you one of the most precious gifts – an opportunity to see your own shadow. A chance to feel the aches where you’ve outgrown your past but still haven’t shed it. An invitation to witness those parts of you that are still clinging onto the right conditions to be present in order to feel good and sense the Love pulsing through your veins.

As you get offered this gift, breathe and feel all the surges, the triggers, all that intensity coursing from your cells – allow this trapped life force to wake you up and freely leave your body. It feels uncomfortable because it’s meeting resistance within you on its way out. Remember that if you choose to receive this gift of shadows, you don’t have to hold onto its wrapping – someone else’s words or silence, story or triggers that are covering it.

The most precious part of this gift is the reminder that the Love that you are and that you radiate has nothing to do with anyone’s capacity to receive or negotiate it. In fact, it is precisely in the moments when you don’t feel Love reciprocated that you need the most to switch it on within you – for YOU. Not for anyone else’s sake and not as some fake diluted abstraction, but as a direct sensation in every atom of your being. As a deep knowing that you cannot possibly be unloved or misunderstood when Love is the very force that keeps this Universe spinning in its orbit.

Wishing you a Love-filled festive season, be it through lights or shadows.


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