Beautiful testimonial from my coaching client

Over the last few months I’ve been immersed in studies again. This time it has been all about the art of active listening, witnessing the thinking process, digging deep into my own patterns and establishing new ways of how I want to show up for myself and others. The studies are leading me onto a new path of service through coaching. With infinite gratitude I’d like to share the testimony of my amazing client Jessy Nattamai @birdy.hart:

“Asta is such a wonderful blend of deep intuition, nurturing energy and wise woman. It was as if I was holding a puzzle that felt impossible to solve, and Asta compassionately and wisely guided me to remember my own inner knowing on how to solve it. She does this deftly with thought provoking questions that were customized to my unique situations. It supported me in diving into deeper understanding and knowing on how to move forward. I felt so held and seen when I shared what was closest to my heart. That is so profoundly appreciated! She has been such an encouraging ally in helping me connect to my own heart, and how to create a life where my superpowers live. If you are looking for coach, let me encourage you.”

Jessy, thank you for your trust in me and for allowing me to be a witness and a co-creator in your journey towards the answers that were yours all along.

If you are reading this and feel I could be the right match to accompany you as a coach, let us connect.


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