New moon

Last week. Did you feel it too? That slowly increasing darkness as the moon nears its new phase. That gravity-like force that begins to pull the focus inwards. To dark and shadowy places, where undercurrents and subterranean rivers run deep. Where all the stories that have been silenced and unexpressed restlessly wrestle to escape. Where the shady things live tending to the bones. Where there are gnarly root tendrils and guttural growling. It builds bit by bit, relentless in its power, entangling and ensnaring even more with every attempt to resist it.

And then just in that moment when it feels like there is no escape from this underworld, it all eases, and the moon begins its journey to the light again. Back in the open it seems so obvious that this darkness was needed. To lie low, to curl up exhausted from resistance and be nourished to the core, to hear the whispers of ancestors, guides and dream realities. So that once again the drumming echo of the calling could be heard clearly: “Go out, fill up your lungs with wilderness, and invite life to frolic through you.”

Do you hear it too?


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