On being creative

Please don’t say, “I am not creative”. Out loud or even to yourself. Creativity is not something that can be left behind in the sandbox of your childhood. Nor is it reserved only for those who splash paint and throw clay. Of course, you may look back to your younger less-inhibited self and see it as freer or more artistic. You may also want to discover new avenues for your creativity and immerse yourself in playing with colours or shapes. But to say that you are not creative – well, that is just nonsensical. In fact, if all the labels and societal hashtags got stripped off, you’d see that the last one left to describe you would be “creator”.

Yes! We are creators of realities who spend each and every moment weaving, painting and moulding worlds out of our thoughts. From the tiniest most insignificant happening to the most revolutionary universe-shaking event – it all gets conjured from the realm of thoughts and ideas. We are unstoppable creators that convert thoughts into things and experiences, even if we may forget it sometimes.

So the real question is not whether you are creative but rather – how deliberately do you want to create?


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