On ease

It seems that so much of our lives we spend being convinced that difficulties are not only inevitable AND necessary, but that they should also be preferred over anything that can be gained easily. That something which takes effort and struggle is somehow more morally acceptable, more just, fairer. In the meantime, easy is seen as superficial, suspicious, as cheating, as less valuable. And only “blood, sweat and tears” is an appropriate price to pay for anything worth having. Also, supposedly, we don’t and won’t value it – whatever it is – if it comes easily.

I think it’s time to change that narrative, it’s time to include “easy” as an option in everything. Whether it is in making money, finding a career filled with passion, being in a relationship, even giving birth! – easy can be one of the options. There are people in this world who create abundance with ease, and those who simply feel the direction of their calling, there are those who are together happily ever after, and there are even women that have ecstatic, blissful, orgasmic births.

And this isn’t meant to take away anything from anyone else’s experience or invalidate different perception or perspective. Simply, it is to say that it is GOOD to feel well, and it is OK to have a different experience or share your story that had a happy, easy outcome. (I know women, for example, who feel uncomfortable sharing their easy, smooth birth stories because they don’t want to upset those who didn’t.) We need to include “easy” as an option in everything. And we need to hear all of these stories. Because only when you know that ease is a possibility, perhaps it can become our preferred option more frequently. And we can be more deliberate in imagining, choosing and creating ease in all areas of our lives.

Here is to 2018 filled with ease!


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