Our guide Fredy told us that in Quechua – the language of the Inca empire still spoken today – there are no swear words or cursing. Everyone’s relationship with everyone else is described through variations of the words “brothers” and “sisters”, even if they are your worst enemy. You see, it’s because everything is understood as alive and connected. All is perceived as living energy. So the word for “human” literally means “human-being”, and the word for “stone” translates to “stone-being”. And when a Quechua-speaker needs a new set of tires for their car, they will say that their car-being needs new feet.

The language also reflects that these cultures were and continue to be rooted in a profound connection with and reverence for all-sustaining Earth-being “Pachamama”. Mama Earth. All that is received from her is a gift to be thanked for. And in turn, Pachamama accepts everything that we give or return to her as a gift. She welcomes all of it – the physical, the emotional, the spiritual. All that we no longer need and all that feels like it was never ours in the first place. She can absorb it all – even the ancient Incas knew that as they meditated and practised grounding.

Pachamama receives everything with love and delight and transforms it into something new and essential, something that will be nourishing and allow expansion elsewhere. Look at us, gasping for air – a waste product of plants. It is transformed and delivered to us in perfect amounts as something vital for us. Such is the wisdom of Pachamama. To sustain all, to nourish all, to transform all, to balance all, to make whole again.

So, my brothers and sisters, next time you have a chance to look at the sun-being rising or setting, or when you sit down for a moment on a rock-being to rest, allow this ancient knowing to move through you, to ground you with absolute certainty that you are welcome, you are wanted, you are an essential part of all that is. Even all those aspects of you that you find unlovable or unwanted, all that you no longer want to hold onto, especially those! Offer them all as a gift and watch Pachamama transform it all.


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