The art of self-healing – conversation with Meir Schneider

With Meir at the International Holistic Vision Congress in Madrid, 2015

With Meir at the International Holistic Vision Congress in Madrid, 2015

A few years ago when I embarked on my journey to learn about Bates’ Method for natural vision improvement, I discovered what continues to be one of my greatest inspirations – the life story and work of Meir Schneider. Meir was born with congenital cataracts to deaf parents, and after multiple unsuccessful surgeries, was left with scarred eye tissue, glaucoma, cross-sightedness, nystagmus (involuntary rapid eye movement), and a certificate of permanent blindness.

Aged nearly 17, after years of reading Braille, Meir met another adolescent, a school dropout, who introduced him to Bates’ Method for natural eyesight improvement. Despite the skepticism and opposition of everyone around him, Meir began to apply the method and create his own eye exercises with extreme dilligence and dedication (up to 13 hours a day!). Fast forward the years, and Meir is now a holder of an unrestricted driver’s license, having improved his eyesight to 70% of normal vision! He is a world-renowned therapist and educator, speaker, pioneer for natural health, author of various successful books, including Vision for Life and Movement for Self-Healing, as well as the founder of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco. Meir travels extensively and teaches his method all across the world.  More information and full Meir’s story can be found on his website and YouTube channel, as well as an event calendar of all the opportunities to hear him speak or meet him at one of his lectures.

I am so grateful and honoured to have had a chance to speak with Meir in person and am delighted to share our video conversation below (although our cameras were not very cooperative at times and, perhaps, in need of some improvement in focus and balanced use of the periphery!). Meir shares his insights about self-healing, natural vision and health improvement, children’s eye health and brings us his powerful message about how magical our bodies really are if we only decide to take ourselves seriously.


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  1. Monika 8 years ago

    Saunuole Asta, zaviuosi tavo darbais ir tavimi kaip zmogum. Labai naudingas interviu! Aciu!

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