To write or not to write


The thought of writing my own blog came to me during a 5,000 km trip through Patagonia in Argentina during the first week of this year and has been revisiting me since, with increasing frequency. I constante y feel the urge to write although I am not entirely sure whether this will be mirrored by anyone’s urge to read and whether this even matters. Within hand’s reach, I always have multiple notebooks with many lists and notes. On various colour pages of my notebook collection one would find stories that have happened and are yet to come, sketches from dreams, visions, and ideas for my next clay projects, quotes from my favourite books, lists of why my day has gone horribly wrong but why I should be grateful for it anyway, descriptions of synchronicities and manifestations, tips and techniques on how to deal with physical and emotional aches, suggestions for that one day when I might find myself bored, inspiration for any one of my possible futures, and a full account of what I would have in a box labeled ‘my box of happiness’. Sometimes in my notebooks I write sideways or upside down, with my right hand or left, mix the order of pages, glue on things that have already been written by someone else, rip and burn pages, add post-its, staple and doodle. My perfect day would most definitely include touching paper and being able to write with a fountain pen, so I make sure I do it daily.

Recently I noticed that I started writing more often when I am in a higher and more uplifted state, as for years my diaries were mostly filled with tear-stained pages capturing anguish, frustration, and resistance. In other words, I hardly wrote when I was feeling happy and writing was only reserved for those times when my world was collapsing. Now that I feel like writing more frequently, including in my most flowing moments, I have been trying to come up with a good reason to add one more notebook to my collection, this time in a form of a blog. The only one I can think of is that stories have a power to heal, uplift and inspire, and we are usually best at sharing the ones that we ourselves need to hear the most. I want to share all those stories that I am made up of, if for no other reason, than just to simply be present with them, just as they are and to learn to love what is.


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