Trust Birth, Trust Life – conversation with Paul Golden (Part 2)

A little while ago, I shared the first part of my conversation with midwife, lecturer, film-maker and activist Paul Golden. After recording our first exchange, we both felt like there was so much more in the fascinating world of birth that we did not have a chance to touch upon. So we had another call to dive deep into it again!

In our video below we discuss in greater detail my two pregnancies and the experiences of home birth. We explore what key elements, information and support were needed for me in preparation for birth. Paul also shares many useful examples and insights from his extensive experience of witnessing and assisting thousands of births. If you’d like to get in touch with Paul or find out more about his work in midwifery, law, global human rights in childbirth, please find his website here.

I trust you will enjoy our conversation below – Paul and I certainly did!





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