What are your superpowers?

One of my early childhood memories is climbing over the piles of laundry in our hallway with a book in hand to ask my mother again what the difference was between the letters ‘ę’ and ‘ė’. Aged 3.5, I was already obsessed with words. Nobody ever forced or encouraged me to learn to read, I was led by my own insatiable inner hunger to know more, by a suspicion that there was a vast world beyond these symbols, that there were stories wanting to be discovered. I saw reading as a superpower that I wanted to possess fully as soon as possible.

Way before starting school, I was already a frequent visitor at the local library and had a list of books that I had read. My father took me there the first time. I remember the old paper smell and the dizzying thought about all those pages, impatiently waiting to be devoured. I timidly chose my first book about a tortoise going on some adventures. Sadly, I finished reading it shortly after returning home from the library, and it was too late in the day to return and pick up a new one. During my restless wait to go back, I strategised which shelf I would start with in order to read ALL the books there.

This book right here – Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. by Lisa Lister – has reminded me of all of that. Of my insatiable inner hunger to know more. Of my continuous suspicion that there is a vast world beyond the veil of illusions and symbols if we only allow ourselves to see it. Of stories – dark and light – waiting to be lived, written and told by me. These are the superpowers that I know I already possess, and am often only a nudge away from stepping into more fully. And don’t let the title mislead you, being a witch is not about flying off on a broomstick with a cackle and a pointy hat (although, by all means, do if that’s your kind of thing), instead it is about realizing how powerful we already are.

[…] It’s about being a woman who can recognize, navigate, claim, trust and use her Goddess-given powers of creativity and manifestation, her vision, her intuition and foresight, her rhythms and cyclic nature and her ability to experience FULLY the dark to serve the light. And she does it to heal not only herself, but her family, her community and ultimately, the world.

Lisa Lister

So what are the superpowers that you are ready to step into?



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