What inspired me before my pregnancy

This is me – nearly three years ago! I had finished my last day at work before beginning my maternity leave, and we were on the way to our village summer festival. Two weeks away from the due date, I was ready for some dancing in our main plaza and jiggling of the belly. Little did I know that another month would pass with lots more dancing and jiggling before we would meet Leila. Also, that as much as birth felt like it would be the end of an era, it also is only just the very beginning of another.

Over these last three years, I have been reflecting a lot about my pregnancy, birth, the first few weeks of motherhood and the months that follow. I feel like there are so many stories within me restlessly trying to get out. Stories similar to those that, I imagine, I would have heard from other, more experienced mothers if I were to live in a tribe. For the longest time, I have been trying to decide what would be the perfect format and who would be interested in what I have to share, who may or may not like it.  But it feels like the time has come to just let these stories see the daylight – as imperfectly produced as they might be. If in the process, they touch and nurture someone else’s heart – excellent, I just know my own heart needs to set them free.

So here it is – the first one – What Inspired Me Before My Pregnancy. What about you? What were your greatest inspirations before or even during your pregnancy?




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