Writing as self-care – conversation with Trina O’Gorman

Writing has been such an important ritual in my life ever since my first diary which I started at the age of 12. It only seems that it is becoming a more and more important way for me to be present with my worries and fears, capture dreams, channel inspiration and stay connected with my inner world. (See more of my journal pages on Instagram @wildish_wonder.)

That being the case, I am so pleased and happy to share my recent conversation with Trina O’Gorman, who is an English professor and analogue life coach. Yes, she actually coaches people on the importance of writing and keeping a journal! Listen in to find out about the power of writing as a self-care and self-development tool. To find out more about Trina’s work check her out at www.trinaogorman.com and follow her on Instagram @ninjatraveling.

And if you haven’t done it for a while… spend a little bit of time with a pen and a notebook daily and see what happens!


  1. dalius petrauskas 7 years ago

    Hi, Thanks a lot for inspiring reminder about writing for therapeutic reasons. I did some straight after I watched your video. I definitely agree that reflective writing helps to boost emotional well being . I did mindfulness course and had CBT therapy where reflective writing was quite significant part. I am not too sure about what journaling means. I would be happy if you could share some thoughts on that.

    • Author
      Asta 7 years ago

      Thank you for your lovely comments, Daliuk! Always nice to hear your thoughts. There are many journaling and reflection techniques used in various therapies and courses, but I really believe that the most important part is writing itself. It doesn’t matter if you spend a few minutes on it or write 3 pages (like for example The Artist’s Way book suggests), what matters is that you take time to be conscious with what arises and acknowledge it. I find that for me making writing my daily practice is a good way to connect with recurring thoughts, notice patters, but also to feel really inspired some days. So just keep writing! 🙂

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