Call to gratitude

It is becoming more and more like a dream, a trance-like dance, a swirling exchange of particles and waves. It weaves and draws in, it plays and calls.

For the mango taste that explodes with juice. For the sticky sweet smell of rockrose. For the way that damp earth feels under the bare feet. For the lover-like wind that sensuously caresses the skin. For the soft and flexible movements of the body.

For the lazy sunshine streaming into the room on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. For how slowly the autumn is coming this year. For the certain light that reflects from the eyelashes at sunset.

For the feeling of belonging, of tribe, of circles. For incredibly wise and awakened souls that cross paths to share even those few steps of the journey together. For those same vibe conversations that last longer than time. For the wet familiar squeaky nose of one very long dog. For all good morning and good night kisses. For the whole-hearted spontaneous tiny arm hugs at knee-height.

For the head-spinning abundance of daily life that we are so used to. For the pen deliciously gliding over paper. For clothes that slide off at the end of the day. For the favourite mug that lovingly encircles the tea. For every single item that gets discarded into the bin, having completed its life’s purpose.

For the days that feel like it’s all new and full of possibilities. For the days that don’t. For the past that dissolves and the future that can be re-imagined infinite number of times. For the night dreams that pull out memories engraved in every cell. For knowing sometimes so deeply from within that it feels like it has been there – this knowingness – for all the generations that have ever been or are yet to come.

It is becoming more and it’s calling us for more. And the calling is to become o b s e s s i v e l y grateful.


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