Decide like a two-year-old

Is there a 2-year-old in your life? No? Here is what you are missing out on. “I want shoes. Shoes! No, other. Other! Cold! I’m cold. Blanket! I want a blanket. Small one! The one that covers my butt. This is big!!! I want small. I don’t want to be covered! I need milk! That is too much milk!”. Now generously spread this throughout any given day, and you get the tip of the iceberg.

But what if… toddlers do not do this for the pure purpose of finding out what is beyond the furthest outer limits of their parents’ patience? What if, in addition to this being a perfectly natural stage in their development, self-discovery and self-definition, they are simply better than the rest of us at playing with the infinite possibilities that each moment holds. Shoes, blanket, milk – why can’t they have (and then refuse having it) all?

Imagine being in a body that is stronger and miraculously capable of doing more and more every single day. Imagine having the mind that is exploding with enthusiasm and ideas of how to experiment with the world around you. Imagine approaching everything with no fears or limits. Imagine feeling your soul dance for joy. Because this is what their world is like.

Because this is what each moment can hold for all of us. Just where you are right now, there are endless possibilities. Even in something as banal as going to get an apple from the kitchen – you can walk over, run, skip, jump, clap your hands, dance, sing, swirl, turn around, decide to get a pear instead, etc. And something as insignificant as how you get the apple serves as a portal to a different realm, different version of reality, different segment of the multiverse. Every single moment is an entry point into a different world.

Feel this in every action and every decision. Really feel what motivates you, what pulls you or limits you in whatever it is that you are about to do next. If it’s not a spark of joy, then why are you choosing it? Feel it. Feel ALL the possibilities. And then play this whole decision game, maybe even as well as a 2-year-old.

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  1. Dalys 6 years ago

    Absolutely loved reading it. I find my self a bit similar to 2 years old with desiding and changing desidion, the only difference I do it only in my mind most of the time, but very rarely in action. It makes me wonder if consistency has so much importance as I used to believe.

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