Master Amanita Muscaria – conversation with Andrius Bulis

A few weeks ago, I got in touch with a yoga teacher Andrius Bulis, but this time not in order to learn more about yoga. He was recommended to me as someone who has spent the last few years deeply listening and learning from another teacher – who I am a little bit familiar with myself – Amanita Muscaria mushroom. Yes, you know – that red-capped one, adorned with white dots that we have been taught to fear and keep away from? The original conversation was recorded in Lithuanian and you can find it here. I have translated the entire transcript to English and am sharing it with you below.

We talk about Andrius’ experience with Amanita as his guide, intuition, inner work as well as exploration of our dream world. I am grateful to Andrius for his time and insights into this fascinating subject. Should this conversation spark your curiosity to learn more about the teachings and magic of Amanita Muscaria, you can get in touch with Andrius through Facebook. Also, you are invited to visit his web shop For a 10% discount, use the code ‘Asta’ at the check-out. Thank you for your time as always!

Asta: So once again, hello hello hello hello, Andrius. 

Andrius: Hello.

Asta: Indeed, my greetings are travelling far – all the way to Thailand. 

Andrius: Yes, yes.

Asta: Really, I have to confess that I don’t know you at all. It feels great because I know there will be many interesting points of common ground. But at the same time, I only know that you have been recommended to me as an expert on a subject that truly fascinates me, amazes me and inspires me lately. So I wanted to ask if you could introduce yourself and share a little bit about yourself. 

Andrius: So my name is Andrius. I don’t know if I am an expert on this subject, but for a few years now I have been deeply amazed by and entangled with many matters related to this mushroom called Amanita Muscaria, also known as fly agaric. So like I said, I don’t know if I am an expert. Obviously, there are other things that I do in life. I am interested in yoga, breath-work practices. But, really, all my activities don’t interfere with one another. Whether it is mushrooms or other methodologies and practices for getting to know myself, all of it, really, is about one and the same. So I am exploring it all and I am trying to transmit all this, somehow to make more public. I don’t know whether with this I have shared something about myself.

Asta: And how did this whole journey start for you? How did this journey begin with this mushroom? How did you get introduced to it? How did it arrive into your field of consciousness in general, this possibility to communicate with it? And how long have you been on this journey?

Andrius: The mushroom itself is very mystical and magical. So my entire introduction with it also began in a mystical and magical way. So the story goes like this – I’ll try to tell it briefly. I had discovered somewhere the tip of this thread that most likely this mushroom wasn’t deadly but, in fact, medicine. I began to search on the internet for more information. And while I was searching for more information, accidentally – I underline “accidentally” – a strange-looking man drives up to our yard. And he has mixed up the addresses, so he asks where is such-and-such street. I tell him that this is not the street, you need to go elsewhere. But as his appearance somehow attracts me, we begin to chat, and he shares with me that he lives in such-and-such forest. This was all around autumn time. And I asked him, “Are fly agaric mushrooms growing already?” And he looks at me suspiciously and says, “Why are you asking?” I told him I had found some information about this mushroom. And then he tells me that he had even researched Japanese treatises about this subject. He was very enlightened about it. And he tells me, ¨Look, now I’ll get back home. Give me your phone number, and if these mushrooms are already growing, I’ll give you a call and you will come and get to know this subject better.” And maybe a couple of hours later, he calls me and says, “Come.” This was in Punios Šilas near Alytus [Asta’s note: forest area in Southern Lithuania]. I get there and outside on a table he has already placed three caps of this mushroom. And he says to me, “Eat it.” And I am like, “What do mean by ‘eat it’?” He says, “Eat it. If you really want to get to know this mushroom, don’t think about it, just take as much as you think you need and eat it.”

So I took one cap but I didn’t eat the whole thing, I left maybe a fifth of it. And that was it. Nothing happened to me. We chatted some more, he shared some of his knowledge about this mushroom. I got back home and the first thing I told my wife as I got through the door was that I ate a fly agaric, “If something happens to me by any chance, know that it’s from this.” My wife was, obviously, in shock. She tells me, “But our kids are small, what were you thinking?” And so on. But from that moment on, a Pandora’s box opened up for me as far as this mushroom is concerned. Information began to arrive at the speed of light. People showed up. Knowing came as to how and what to do next. Because I really approached this matter seriously. And today, this mushroom has permeated my entire life. So it came in such a magical way, I don’t know, truly, not in some ordinary way. It has been a few years, I believe around three years now of me being interested in this.

Asta: It would seem to be appropriate for such a mystical and magical mushroom, as you say, to arrive via such a mystical and magical story. I am laughing at your story but I just want to say that this is a serious subject. And that, really, through this conversation we are not trying to tell everyone to go into the woods with strangers and do such things. I think later in the conversation we will touch upon the intuitive side, knowing and respect towards this whole process. And that first of all, everyone needs to know within what they need, what they are looking for. So that it isn’t just – oh, I read or watched something on the internet, and that’s why I went ahead and ate something. This would be like a disclaimer, an encouragement for everyone to listen to themselves and not to some people on the internet. Truly, this is all very interesting. The initial introduction for me was also very curious. I noticed that in my art – I share my diary pages on Instagram – that maybe for about a year or more, the same motifs keep repeating when I make collages. Girl, moon and Amanita mushroom, girl, moon and Amanita mushroom. Perhaps fifty times, without me giving much thought to it, just simply picking out stickers. The Amanita mushroom appears in different colours, sometimes perhaps just a mushroom in general. And it took me maybe a year to notice this repetition. And so in December when I was offered to try Amanita – actually, your website was sent to me through our common acquaintance – straight away, I felt a full body “yes”. Simply, “yes”. I really wanted to try it, even though there was fear which is the next subject I would like to touch upon.

There is a big taboo related to everything that has to do with this subject. Big taboo, big fear, big societal fear cover the subject like a big cloud. There are all sorts of scientific facts, classifications, claims, etc. that it is very dangerous and not apt for human consumption. Even the name of it in Lithuanian is related to death [Asta’s note: a common name for Amanita Muscaria in Lithuanian is “musmirė” which literally means “a fly died”]. On your website you write about how overcoming this fear is one of the steps of the process. Even in your own initiation process you had to do that. Where does this fear come from and how can we liberate ourselves from it? What could you share about this subject?

Andrius: Really, there is something that has to be understood from the start. Indeed, why is this mushroom so strongly demonised? From childhood we know about it as a deadly mushroom, even though it is quite the opposite. Where is this coming from? Where is this strong programming about death coming from? God forbid, one should touch this mushroom! That means there is something hidden here. Something is hidden, for sure. My own example shows that too, without really knowing it, I just felt intuitively. Death is not even something that we should be talking about here if it is possible to eat an entire cap of this mushroom and there was no discomfort, not even the mildest one. Although according to parents or grandparents, something, I don’t know, grave should happen.

Asta: The final moments.

Andrius: So who spread this program? It’s clearly not a coincidence that this mushroom has been concealed from us. I know, let’s say, the whole story but it would take a long time to share about who, how and why it was hidden. Also, why is it is now that this mushroom is really becoming trendy, why is it so strongly beginning to appear in public and why are there so many interesting things that can be done with it? I don’t know, perhaps, there would not be enough time to expand as to why and who specifically hid it. A lightbulb should light up for everyone here though, “Why did someone tell me that this was deadly, and it turns out it isn’t?” Already there is some kind of a discrepancy, a very clear discrepancy. So if everyone has this lightbulb moment, a moment of suspicion and curiosity, it would be rather easy to find that whole story. And I think there is even more than one story as to why and who and how it was hidden. So that’s that without expanding too much.

Asta: Honestly, I felt that within myself too, that there is this fear. But for me, personally, it helped to transform it into awe. Because there really is something, at least as far as I can feel, very magical, very mystical about this process. So simply I changed this fear into permission for this process to teach me something, to touch something within. In general, one of my mottos in life, especially over the last three years, is that the more something is made into taboo, the deeper magic is hidden there. This applies to all kinds of subjects. The more something is turned into a sin, a bad thing, danger even – obviously, within the limits of common sense – the more there is something very very deep hiding there. Something that we should all go and search for, dig out, discover, and approach these topics, like you say, with curiosity and many questions. And to see whether it is as we are being told or completely different and something completely new can be found there.

I have another question. It is an interesting fact that many symbols of Amanita Muscaria’s rituals and traditions continue to hide until now in our Christmas or Winter Solstice, for those whole celebrate these holidays. Perhaps, you could comment a little bit about this subject. 

Andrius: Truly, it all points to it. The way it looks makes this mushroom the king of mushrooms. It is so famous. Why is it even on kids’ clothing, on everything. If you begin to notice in your environment, in all images, whenever a mushroom is shown, usually, it is not the Boletus Edulis mushroom. It is not the Boletus Edulis that is the king of mushrooms, mostly we will see Amanita Muscaria. It’s an interesting mystical and magical coincidence, I am currently in a tea house in the jungle. Some people started it as a small business only ten days ago. They brought me tea and the thermos has an image of an eye on it, I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it. And the eye is Amanita Muscaria. I don’t know whose eye it is but it is special, mystical and magical. So the symbolism is everywhere, whenever there is something deeper, there is a symbol. When it comes to Christmas, also, there is a little bit of this energy masked. I cannot recall precisely all about Christmas, but in the past, Winter Solstice used to be the biggest holiday when the shamans and the tribes who knew about this energy and this mushroom celebrated it through a ritualistic ceremony. Why is it that before Christmas children write letters to Santa Claus with their wishes, stating what they want? It used to be that before that ceremony and those rituals, people used to choose a wish for the new year ahead about something that they wanted to discover or receive. By consuming bigger quantities of this mushroom, they used to receive answers about themselves. Like how to accomplish something in their lives. So it was all about this ritual. People would come up with an intention for the year ahead about what they wanted to find out or receive. And by using a bigger quantity of Amanita Muscaria, they used to receive more powerful and deeper insights about themselves. How to achieve certain things in your life, etc. So all if it came down to this ritual with a desire or a wish through a process of ceremony, through which these unique gifts of Amanita Muscaria could be received. And now for us – Christmas – kids write to Santa and we also ask from our relatives usually some sort of material gifts. But all of this is so distorted, because it has nothing to do with it. I don’t know if this sheds some clarity.

Asta: And clothing as well, the colours of Santa’s outfit, really, are the colours of Amanita Muscaria. The symbolism of the raindeer and their flight, and Amanita has that capacity to transport us elsewhere for different experiences, even through our dreams. Really, this is all very interesting. OK, so next. Obviously, there are shamans and some serious ones involved in ceremonies and traditions even now. But for those who perhaps don’t have the possibility to travel far to taiga, tundra or the jungle, what would a modern ceremony look like? What do you practise? What could be a ritual to make Amanita Muscaria a part of our daily life or only on some special days?

Andrius: A modern human doesn’t need any intense ceremonies or rituals. Truly, it is important to understand that all these bigger and stronger journeys are not something that can simply be done, and they do involve certain risks. Personally, I don’t talk about things that I don’t know or that I haven’t tried. I have never been to a ceremony or a ritual involving Amanita Muscaria. What I know and practise is specifically microdosing. In very very small amounts properly prepared fly agaric does specific work. There is a whole methodology how to work with it. And all those rituals, obviously, all that shamanism is very trendy at the moment. There are many other power plants. It is all kind of fashionable. Some really fix up their lives, others perhaps once again get lost. To each their own experiences. But, really, I wouldn’t even recommend it to anyone to do these so called “trips” with fly agaric. Based on the information that I have from a shaman who guides these sorts of practices, it’s best to an average person to not go there. There is nothing to bring back from there that could be useful for this life, for this body. So if this is what the shamans say… But there are people who don’t care what will happen, what risks are involved, they’ll still go there – it happens. And that means that the person has a big ego. He thinks he is invincible, and wants to try everything here and now. The more interesting, the better.

But what is the purpose, the reason why I’ll be doing it? What is the intention? And when there is noise in the mind, and life hasn’t been put in order, to fly into the other realms is sort of missing the point.

What I do recommend is little by little, using fly agaric in very small amounts. This mushroom slowly calms you down and gets you back on track. It’s not as if a pill or a piece of mushroom will solve all of your life’s problems. It will simply get you back on track. It will get you back on track and for a while will give you this extra energy to continue on this path. I’d say that’s what it is. I have my own experience, and I have also helped nudge a few hundred people onto such a path. There is that option. And you can try walking this path. So for a few hundred people I was that sign that right here this can be tried. And the results, mildly put, are just wow. Simply wow. I mentioned as I introduced myself that I do other things too like yoga and such. I used to think – some sort of mushroom, microdosing, what could it possibly do? But my own experience was wow. And a lot of success stories that I’ve heard from others who had the same experience, likewise, wow wow wow. I am not trying to promote anything but this is a magical magical thing.

Asta: To be honest, I have to confess that when it comes to this subject, I am no expert nor someone with much experience. Perhaps this is why I wanted find out more and have this conversation. My experience has been only the month of January. The year started, and from January 1st this knowing came. I tend to approach many of these subjects and processes very intuitively. I know that perhaps later on you will talk about specific methodology for those who need a teacher or a guide to put them on the path. But personally, I simply trusted that there was intuitive guidance. There came a knowing about spending January microdosing. I came up with this interesting progression to start with seven days the first week, six days the second one, then five days, four, three, two, one. So I created this container for myself, you know? And then just deeply observed within, a lot of journaling, feeling into my emotions to know whether I was doing this only because I had made this calendar for myself or was there still a calling and an invitation to continue. What would happen when I was finished, would there be a need to continue? I had a strong intention for this – because, really, why was I doing it? What’s the point? And really, just like you share, it was such an interesting process for me.

First of all, I was amazed by the dreams at night. Generally speaking, I am someone who is already quite vividly involved in my dreams, travelling across dimensions, sometimes consciously, other times less so. But actually, during the first three weeks, I think there was only one night when it was a little bit more difficult to recall my dreams. Every other morning I had such precise and clear knowing about what I had dreamt, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by adventures and events there. Very vivid life in my dreams and the same message repeating over and over again. For me this was related to this idea that Amanita Muscaria is connected to and sensed to be of the masculine energy. I experienced this without any doubt. It has such a strong masculine energy support. One of the things that it resolved for me was something I had been feeling for many years. I think I am quite sensitive and in the mornings when I would wake up I used to feel like a pancake that had fallen down flat on this planet. Suddenly, everything used to feel so dense and heavy, all that is happening here. Such density and thickness.

And during the microdosing, I felt such an interesting process of being so gently placed down and as if held by someone’s hands. Here you are, back, after the night, you are here, with this fatherly or masculine care. You are protected and you are safe. In daily life, I also felt more focused, more connected to the masculine energy of action. This whole idea about action – that if you want to achieve something, here are the steps you’ll need to take. Discipline for some things. It really revealed to me this primal energy of the divine masculine, which is so beautiful. I am amazed at the expression of the divine masculine in the right way, not through aggression. Obviously, feminine energy also has its dark side. So it was this introduction to the masculine energy, and how within me I also need to find the balance between those two sides. This was my journey in January. Many insights and clarifications. And then there was this clear moment – you’ve got your homework and you know what you need to do. There is no more need to keep playing around or to keep asking for some inspiration. And I feel that, perhaps, in a few more months or maybe just on a specific day when inspiration or extra support is needed I can touch back again on all those insights.  So this is my story. Maybe you could share something from your experience. How does it affect you on the level of consciousness, dreams, inspiration, spirituality or whatever your process is all about with this mushroom? Why do you do it? What has it brought you.

Andrius: Indeed, you have noticed, felt and understood it very precisely that this is a masculine energy. It can be compared with a powerful and generous father. You can turn to him and he won’t deliberate whether to give you or not – you’ll get what you ask. Just like there are some power plants with feminine energy. From fly agaric, truly, here is a secret but it’s not really a secret, you can ask for anything. Absolutely anything, in a material sense or for the inner spiritual world. You can ask for guidance, for some kind of a gift. If you know how to ask for it, if you have the energy to convert into it, you will receive it all generously, generously and at once. You really noticed it and felt it accurately that the energy is like that, masculine. Very concrete, very clear, very generous. And regarding how it works, first of all, night time dreams become second life for most people. Personally, in the beginning I used to look forward to the night because there was so much to do in them and the possibility to control your dreams consciously. So really, a second life. For most people in the beginning a sort of turbulence starts, because if someone until that point hadn’t done any inner work or inner tidying, this mushroom will begin to sift it all in an accelerated way. On the physical level the body begins to clear up. Some people may have diarrhoea or a cold, maybe even some other illness will foam up to the surface. It’s not uncommon for this to happen on the physical level. When it comes to the psyche, Amanita balances it.

I forgot to mention that often people might start sleeping more. If there are any hidden imbalances or diseases in the organism, and the body is still capable of restoring back to health, it begins to put the human to sleep, to conserve the energy. Simply, there may be a desire to sleep more during the day or at night time, longer sleep in the morning. So it’s important to permit yourself that. The body is conserving the energy and is attempting to regenerate some kind of inner processes. It is not uncommon that disorders and symptoms which were masked begin to appear – chronic disorders that have been there that are often ignored for a long time until it gets worse. All these things appear and a person has no other way but to put it all in order. So fly agaric in each specific case shows, “Here, you see what’s unwell and you’ve been ignoring it for a long time. Dear, take care of it.” It doesn’t mean that it will take care of it, but you will be forced to take action, you’ll have to do something about it. Let’s say there is some disorder that cannot be resolved without the help of doctors, then you will go and do it, you will be forced to go ahead and act. This energy is an energy of action. You will move forward whether you want it or not. And like I said – psyche. Most of our problems are related to imbalances in our psyche.

Most in our society are chronically exhausted, as they keep running and running like squirrels. Fly agaric begins to show you where you are off in your life. Here and here. I don’t know how it will sound… but you begin to see all your nonsense. There are conscious things and there are those that are unconscious. And there are many things that we do in an autopilot mode, unconsciously, all this nonsense we do to ourselves. Fly agaric simply shows it – look, what you are doing here to yourself isn’t great.

And little by little while microdosing, it begins to take effect. It doesn’t work in a way that I will have it for a week and that’s it. While the flavour, smell are appealing, and the desire is there to take it, that’s how long it is needed. As soon as its job is done, it disappears. You forget to take it. When you begin to microdose, there is an interesting moment in that a person hardly ever forgets. Vitamins or supplements you may or may not take, but if fly agaric is necessary to you, if it invited you, you will take it and won’t be forgetting. Slowly it does its job and moves away, while you take a break and integrate all that you understood and get started on the path. Because it will take you further. It’s not as if it works as long as I take it bit by bit, it’s not like that. A path will surely appear that will take you further.

Asta: Andrius, this is very very interesting. It really resonates. It’s a really lovely feeling to have this confirmation about my own very short experience. It truly is how you say it. As you spoke, you answered one of the questions that I had written down for further conversation. And that is about any unpleasant symptoms that may surface. For me it was that fear again and having to transform it. I approached it with the attitude that most of the medicine when taken creates healing effects and brings up to the surface symptoms and toxins, as well as other physically unpleasant sensations. For me, for example, some days I had a little bit of a headache. It is obviously possible to say that I have had headaches without using Amanita. But there was a knowing that – aha, today I had too much sugar even though I knew the moment when it happened. So it was a really interesting process for me to observe these symptoms, and if you listen to them, it is very clear why they come up and what they are here to remind you about, what they are related to. And it may not be necessarily that there is a deep-hidden illness – which of course could be the case – but sometimes it is about these nuances of our own behaviour, or some recent conversation. Was it really necessary for me to get into that argument and try to prove something? You know? It is really interesting that you touched upon this question as you answered the previous one.

Andrius: I will add a little bit. Well, I say that majority of people are sleeping kittens. And all action comes through an autopilot run by a set of programs. And so you behave without even seeing from the outside the models of your behaviour, automatic reactions. Generally speaking, a person just does things and that’s that. So using fly agaric little by little, really, makes it possible for any person to see more from the outside. Let’s say there is a conflict in the family with our second half, kids or someone else. And we do it on repeat, the same things, the situations are very similar, the reactions are more or less the same. Fly agaric permits seeing it from the outside. This was unnecessary, for example. And, really, why am I behaving like this? Can I change something about this in the present moment? It means it all becomes much more interesting. Seeing begins to take place that something isn’t right here. And little by little there may appear a desire to understand – how is it that I operate? In general, in this space, in this body. What and how affects me? Can I control these situations? It doesn’t mean that fly agaric will wave a magic wand and resolve it. But it becomes interesting, ok, emotion – this emotion has arisen within me – what are emotions? Where do they come from? Can I control them or can I not? Are emotions the same as feelings? So the idea is that fly agaric permits seeing these life moments from the outside. And usually a person begins to feel curiosity and desire to deal with it all. Awareness is born, we could say it like that. Simply, a person understands that there are some kind of rules, some kind of methods which can help me deal with these moments in which I usually don’t feel well.

Let’s say an argument in the family, it happens, finally, we understand that it was nonsensical. That’s not how I would like to behave but I always behave in the same way. And maybe I could learn how to control myself in certain situations, in order to improve them. Fly agaric for many is a way to get on that path. It isn’t – like I said – a magic mushroom that will resolve all the problems of your life. It won’t happen. It’s naive to expect that. But it will accelerate that awareness, that’s how I understand it. We can notice that currently time is speeding up, so that many of the processes wouldn’t be delayed. So that everything could be done faster, perhaps, that’s why this mushroom, this energy is appearing to us. It is expanding so much, perhaps, because the speed is needed here also. So that we don’t sleep for too much longer but can get going and tidy it all up. So, perhaps, that’s how it is.

Asta: What else could you share, Andrius, about the intention? Or about that desire that we express when we participate in this process? On your website, intention is noted as one of the five important steps. This idea – what is that you want to do with it. How do you approach this entire process? Perhaps, you comment a little bit more about this subject?

Andrius: Really, it has to be understood that just like everything else in life, we define why is it that I do something. I go to work to make money. I went to school to gain knowledge and get a job, or whatever. So here too, it is necessary to define it very clearly – why is it that I am doing it. Intention is needed in doing everything. So here, especially. Because it is a very specific energy and, really, wherever we direct that vector towards, that’s the target it will hit. It is possible to let it run its course, because the majority or people who are using Amanita do it sort of randomly. A person may start taking it and doesn’t understand what are the processes that are happening with them. They may have no intention nor a clear goal as to why I am doing it. Then it may begin to get a bit wobbly and more turbulent in the process. But it’s better than nothing. Obviously, it is really good when you know it clearly what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Simply, then you don’t need to research and search for something that is already half of a step ahead of you. Someone who has gone through it could tell you, look, don’t fall to this side or this one. Aim for this. Each one of us has our own inner aims and life moments. It should all be very concrete and clear. This or that. An intention expressed in a strong and clear way.

Asta: And now I wanted to ask regarding this beginning that you had, and the beginning that I had of this journey or this introduction – it was very intuitive. There was trust in the process, be it a magical person who appears on the way or an inner knowing that it’s a “yes”, and the knowing about what doses should be taken on which days. While at the same time there was a sensing into whether everything was OK or if something should be changed. But I understand that not everyone is in the same process, nor in the same phase where the knowing is so strong or the listening is so deep that if I have a headache, it’s because of this. Maybe some people would like to have someone else take them by the hand to guide and to show them what this process is. What does the training look like or that type of work that you’ve mentioned you’ve done with a few hundred people? What does a collaboration as such look like, specifically, in the journey of fly agaric microdosing?

Andrius: In general, it is possible to microdose up to 1 gram per day. This would be that safe limit which wouldn’t lead into any intense rollercoasters. With more experience, it is possible to talk about a little bit more. Let’s say, there are some very serious diseases, for example, someone has cancer or something like that. Amanita has the power to help resolve all of this. Really, it is powerful enough. I have had experience with people who resolved such issues though it. But these are individual cases. Generally speaking, the process could be taking up to 1 gram per day for a month, then taking a break, then a couple of months later, using it again for a month of up to 1 gram per day. And see where it takes you. I have already shared a little bit about the process, that the body might start to react a little bit, that external awareness will emerge, that suggestions will appear about where what and how to study, that is to say, about yourself. All of this is about your own self, not about the outer. The outer world, all the situations that we see, it’s all only a reflection of our inner world. So these magical moments will begin to appear that should be grabbed onto. That is, they should no longer be ignored.

So little by little, if this intention appears that – OK, I am going to play this game with Amanita, may it guide me here or here, or, perhaps, this is the quality of life I’d like to have – fly agaric will do it. It will simply do it. It’s not like some book of magic with with line by line written down about what’s what. Some will want something really specific and want to do this high quality work. You and I didn’t have a prior conversation that I would advertise myself or my services. But they can get in touch with me, once in a while I run courses. A month-long course about how and what to do with this. It contains a lot of homework. There will be a class now starting on March 21st (2023). Anyone can join who watched and feels curious, those who want quality and clarity. It is an indisputable world of magic, which everyone can touch upon. Simply, it will not be possible to argue that it did not work for me. It is not an option. If that were to happen, I would, I don’t know – give back their money. Because there are so many moments that require to do different things, a lot of action, but the fruit which returns pretty much immediately is very sweet. This is the offer for those who really want it, they can join.

Asta: And what else, speaking generally, for those who are interested or will be looking for more information or to buy, what else is important to know? For those who are really trusting their intuition they will, perhaps, simply go to the forest and pick the mushrooms themselves. But this is not necessarily what we are talking about. I think that every process has its alchemy and magic, methods of preparation. Raw fly agaric is not the same thing as dried one. So for what is important to know when it comes to all of this? For those, who are interested in where to source it from.

Andrius: Actually, we live in the age of the internet, all information now is public and within the reach to find for pretty much everyone. Everything that was hidden before, has been pulled out. So it’s a matter of wanting to find it. There are a lot books in English and Russian. All of it, from A to Z, chemistry, periodic table, all of it. Including the esoteric side – there are many books talking about it. It’s not difficult to google this and find literature on it.

A shaman, from whom I’ve received a lot of information, has told me that you cannot really do harm to yourself with red fly agaric. Even if you eat them raw or decide to do some nonsense. Nothing will happen. You won’t do harm to yourself. I don’t think that the listeners of this conversation are those who are looking to get high. You cannot do that with fly agaric. If you attempt to do it, fly agaric will most likely give you such an experience that you will not want to do it again. There is no talk about getting high here. Completely and absolutely not.

And regarding the proper preparation of them, everyone can do it, really. They need to be collected as far from the busy traffic and roads as possible, because mushrooms really absorb everything that is around them. Then dry them at 40*C and keep them stored for a couple of months, as they still contain one type of acid that is not very healthy for us. So they should be kept stored for a couple of months and then little by little begin using them. If someone is feeling lazy or cannot be in the forests, then they can simply contact me, I can always help in this regard.

When they are growing, I am basically living in the woods. I like the process itself, and they are simply calling me. My family and my kids get to endure during this time as they don’t get my attention, because I am always in the woods. So that’s that. But really laziness aside, everyone can easily supply themselves with this goodness for the whole year. Not just for yourself but also for those around you.

Asta: I would like to share – what would be the best websites for those who want to contact you or find out more about your work? What would you recommend on how they can find you?

Andrius: They can find me on Facebook, my name is Andrius Bulis. You can write me through there. There is also the page In Yoga, listing courses like that month-long one. But really, you can just contact me directly through Facebook. Or if you have some uncertainty related to fly agaric, I will always find time to reply to you and guide you along the path. Contact me without hesitation through my personal page.

Asta: I will add the links. What beautiful words would you like to share for the ending? I could sit here and chat with you for the rest of the day but I imagine everyone has their work and rest to do. But maybe there is something else that you’d like to add, some nice final words?

Andrius: To end this, I would really like to say that it isn’t that I chose it, rather somehow it feels like this mushroom completely permeated me, so that I would become its mouthpiece and share that this mushroom, really, is such a huge gift, lying down right under our noses. And just to hear this with a half of an ear – oh yeah, this exists, and it can be the beginning of a huge improvement of one’s quality and level of life. And this mushroom is such an amazing saviour and helper. I don’t know how to transmit it to another person so that they would want to have a little journey with all of this. It is not that this has to become some commitment for the rest of your life. It’s not that it needs to be taken all the time nor there will develop some kind of addiction or something like that. It’s not like that. I am only exploring this for a few years but the amount of messages I receive to my questions…

I’ll say this though, and I think that after these words, you might really be amazed and decide to become friends with this mushroom. This mushroom is like Google. Your personal one. Which means that you get to input – this is what I want. And as I had mentioned before, this is like that generous father that doesn’t hesitate whether to give it to you or not. Google also does not hesitate. You input your search and it immediately brings it up. As accurately as you wrote it down, as specifically, it will return the information to you. So fly agaric is this Google where we can write our inner dealings, desires, fantasies, and it doesn’t hesitate whether to provide it to you or not. Everything, up to the smallest breadcrumb, you will receive, only there are certain conditions. The mind has to be calm, you have to have energy and all the questions and desires have to come from this centre – from the heart. Not from egoistical desires like I want some objects, or I want to be this or that, not from the ego, but from the heart. It doesn’t mean I cannot desire to have a beautiful house or beautiful interesting holidays or something like that. All of it too can come from the heart not from some egoistical intentions.

So then I am Google for myself. In fact, I’ll digress a little bit. All of this also works without fly agaric. We are Google just as it is, but we have such dis-order in our minds that we can no longer access it. Fly agaric dims down the chaos, and if you really do this search in your own life, everything begins to work from small things. I asked and received a response, I asked and received. And it takes a short period of time for me to believe again in magic and in all those things I believed in as a child. In my childhood, when I was told that Santa Claus brings presents, I used to believe in it. But this is how it is with the whole reality that surrounds us, it continues to be like that. Only that our mind doesn’t permit us believing it anymore. It simply doesn’t allow us to believe in magic, to believe that the thoughts have a power to create. We look around and see the reality around us and see what we have created.

Each one of us is a creator, and we create that which surrounds us. So I can see what kind of a creator I am. Only that the majority of people are unconscious creators. Unconscious and full of programs that have been installed in them. And then I don’t know how to get out of it. I am not aware that I can create something beautiful and harmonious from the centre of the heart. And so Amanita comes and extinguishes the mind a little bit, extinguishes those fears and anxiety, and leads you onto a path. We go through a little washing up and cleaning up of our energy.

And on top of that, in my course there is a part about how to accumulate the energy within, in order to be able to convert it into the desires. When I have the energy within, I can exchange it immediately. But that is only when a person is no longer chronically exhausted, not run down, when she has spent some quality time on herself, when she has clarified how and when her boundaries are being crossed, and begins to stand up for things, and a multitude of other things like that. When all of that is collated in a palette, organised, then I just put it into my Google and convert it, write it in and convert it. So this is the invitation that, really, the path is here and it can be embarked upon. And it will yield rather quick results. Often, that which offers results very easily and very quickly contains some kind of danger. But not here. Here is something that I have checked for myself and checked with many others. Here – fly agaric provides speed and immediate progress, which cannot be argued with. The mind can no longer drag you through the inertia of where you used to be. So maybe this will resonate with someone, all that I have shared here through these tongue twisters. And maybe a desire will arise to work a little bit with all of this.

Asta: I truly agree with all that you are sharing. I’ve had the same experience. And the results continue even after some weeks have passed. Of course, as I have mentioned, I don’t have that much experience. For me it was like a permission slip. I think that in everything that we do, it’s not that this external thing somehow affects me. Always everything is really just an extension of us. That if I choose to take an aspirin, when I receive it, and it mixes up with my energy, there will be some effect. If I choose to take Amanita, it will be that. Whatever the barriers are within or what permission I give to myself, whatever beliefs I am ready to release or what new ones I am ready to accept. It’s always like that – whichever substance we choose or whichever way of healing or learning, it is always a permission to oneself to open up a new channel. That right now, I am working in a synchronistic process with this mushroom or this medicine or this doctor, or whatever the permission slip may be. So it is like you say, one channel more to which we have access through this magical mushroom. And it’s up to everyone to feel and find out whether it is like you and I say it is or it is somehow different. Everyone should get in touch with their intuition, try it and find out whether it is of some benefit or not. So thank you very very very much. I feel wonderful to have learned a little bit more and to have heard a confirmation about what I felt within. I know that my journey with this is not finished yet. I feel called. Not as deeply into the woods as you, but called to learn about this process and deepen my knowledge. As I have shared, I now have a full pile of homework which will be sufficient for a few weeks or months. But I know that for me this year of further knowledge hasn’t finished yet. I really think we will be in touch again and chat again. And I invite others who are curious to get in touch with you.

Andrius: Thank you, thank you, thank you that you’ve pulled me into the conversation about this subject. I wish you smoothness throughout this journey. And may the magic surround your entire being. Thank you for the conversation that see you later somewhere someday.

Asta: Great. And thank you and wonderful remaining holidays for you. Thank you!

Andrius: Thank you.


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