We are really really all right

Isn’t it just absolutely amazing – the speed of our evolution as a species and the rapid expansion of the collective consciousness? Ah!.. Sure sure, some days can feel slow and dense as if it is all still stuck in the middle Middle Ages. But this is not about those days. No. It’s about the beauty of our unified learning, the scale of our connection!

Isn’t it extraordinary that we can be present for each other at the speed of signals bouncing off of remote satellites? That I can see and live just a little snippet of life through your eyes and you through mine. That I can nearly taste the food on the plate of that chef continents away. That we can fall in love with someone we’ve never hugged or be set ablaze by passion like volcanos about the plight or wellbeing of a stranger. That we are all processing and grasping and trying to make sense out of so many worlds and realities (with some cat videos mixed in here and there)?

Isn’t it so extraordinary to witness how so many desires of generations before us are being fulfilled right in front of us, through us, by us? Desires for more connection, more inspiration, more closeness. And then in every split second we are all spewing out even more requests that are delightfully conjuring up atoms and coming to life.

Despite of how much the news tries to amplify pockets of this world with extreme contrast, we are really really all right. We’ve never had it so good. We’ve never been on this edge of potential for even more connection, more wellbeing, more solutions, more joining up to be inspired and elevated by each other’s experiences.

So thank you for the beams of your journeys that reach to delight and enrich me – I think they are absolutely extraordinary.


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